Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trying Foods i HATE

So I have not blogged for a long time!  I have been trying to update my blog name and take more pictures.  Hopefully I'll be back in the swing of things shortly.  For today, I wanted to share a simple and yummy healthy recipe I threw together for work lunch today.  I have decided to try to incorporate foods I do NOT like the taste of, but are highly nutritional, in order to not miss out on any more nutrients!  So this week I am trying bell peppers.  I abhore them, especially raw--which will be my next step.  For today, I lightly cooked red bell peppers and later this week I will try a yellow bell pepper ...*gasp* RAW.  I am probably going to get some vegan ranch to go with it.  Here's today's easy recipe:

Cooked brown rice
Red bell pepper (1)
Soy Sauce
Veggie sausage or tofu

Sautee the red bell peppers, sliced into strips, in some olive oil & add soy sauce for flavor.  Add the tofu or veggie sausage as well.  Sautee only until the bell peppers are just cooked.  Add to the cooked rice & you have a quick, easy rice bowl packed with good nutrition.