Thursday, June 9, 2011

The First Fire Assignement for Engine 63

So my husband is gone on his first fire assignment of the 2011 season.  Sunday night he received the call that his engine was going to leave to Bakersfield area for a smaller fire, and that he would be left behind because he had classes to finish on Tuesday & Wednesday.  But an hour later, he got another call that he was going to leave with the engine.  All of his fellow engine members were hoping that the fire in Kern county was not all they would do, because it was contained quite a bit and only 100 acres. So this was it! I went to bed Sunday night knowing I didn't know if he'd come back in 2 days or 2 weeks or more. 
He left Monday morning early to wait for orders, and sure enough they left to Kern county.  It's now Thursday and he is in Apache county, Arizona, where the brunt of the huge Wallow fire, which has consumed hundreds of THOUSANDS of acres and forced evacuation of many people from their homes.  This fire is a monster!
Learning to be home without him is a little strange.  The first night, Monday night, I was with my mother-in-law so it was not too hard.  Tuesday was the first time I was home alone, and it felt very strange.  I spent my evening with two great friends eating dinner, which caused a weclome distraction.  But when I got home that night, it was a strange feeling.  Assignment on such a huge fire as the Wallow is at least 14 days.  Trying to get adjusted to this is going to be a challenge but a good learning experience for me.  The apartment felt empty, cold, and I felt antsy.  I found myself up until 2 am, watching movies & playing games on my phone, finally falling asleep on my side of the bed.
Wednesday, day 3 of him being gone, was a lot better. 
I went to work, treated myself to some home decoration shopping (under $10 :-), and vegetarian indian buffet.  Later, sitting on my porch enjoying sun & a book with strawberry lemonade, I still couldn't stop thinking about how everyone there is.  The picture is not of Dwight but of a firefighter that's in arizona from a news site...Praying everyone keeps safe & I am happy even missing Dwight because I have him for a husband. And so it begins, my life as the wife of a wildland firefighter.  Can't wait till he gets back.  I have a great DVR of the CMT awards and I won't tell him that Shania Twain ate it walking out to announce an award:-) He'll have to see for himself:-)

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