Monday, April 30, 2012

EASY awesome HOMEMADE calzones!

So this weekend was crazy active!  Sunday morning we were up at 7:00 to go golfing from 8-12, and then we came home and tried to take a short nap and then cleaned the entire house upside down.  Adding to that we went out for an errand and BOY did I NOT feel like cooking when I got home, but we had already eaten lunch out earlier and I'm not keen on eating out more than once a day unless we're on vacation.  So we tried something fun and different for dinner:  homemade Calzone!  Using my favorite Fleischmann's Pizza Yeast, I made one packet recipe of dough and it was just scrumptious.  Thanks to Dwight for helping put the Calzone together! 

Here's the easy recipe:

1 package Fleischmann's Pizza Yeast
Lots of Italian Seasoning/ herbs (no measurements, just however much you love!)
Lots of fresh chopped garlic
Olive Oil
Parmesan cheese
Butler soy Curls (or chicken, whatever you prefer)
Any other toppings/ fillings you like


Follow the Pizza yeast directions for one batch, on the back of the packet.  The only revisions I make are adding lots of fresh rosemary chopped and/or lots of dry italian seasoning and also use a little extra salt so the dough isn't so bland.

Stretch the dough out to an even thickness and start with spreading sauce, then add all of the other toppings and fold dough over, pinching corners together to stick.  My husband was so nice to do this part for me!  The wrestlin' of the dough:-)

Spray a rectangular cookie sheet/baking pan and transfer the huge hot-pocket (that's what it reminded me of) on the pan.  Brush the top with olive oil (this part is very important because it helps the calzone come out crispier & browned), sprinkle with parmesan cheese, and a little extra salt and herbs if you like.

Bake from 400- 425 until golden.  I baked it at 425 for about 6 minutes on the lower rack, then transferred to middle rack and baked on 400 until golden brown, just kept an eye on it and made sure it didn't burn.

Soooo easy & soooo delicious! 

This recipe makes plenty for two.  A Calzone of this size easily could cost $20 at a restaurant, $14 bargain priced.  I think my ingredients might have totaled $5.00 at the most.  Here's what I had to look forward to for lunch today:

And here's how yummy it looks on the plate:


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